Inherited from Taipei Prefecture Capital North Gate, Beimen Cheng-En Gate, also known as the ancient entrance to Taipei City, this old famous hotel opened at Beimen used to receive tourists from around the world; after being renovated and redecorated, “Bayman Hotel” is presented with a brand new image. Engraved with the classical embroidery of Kun Ming Hall, its historical culture is integrated with visual creativity, presenting the ancient elegance of Tataocheng with the latest virtual and augmented reality technology of AR and VR. All introduced into the hotel, a new life was given, composing a new page during the shifting of the generations!

Located at Datong District in Taipei City, Bayman Hotel is within the scope of MRT, Taiwan Railways and Taiwan High Speed Rail, accessible in all senses. In the future when the airport MRT is constructed, it will also provide the travelers a full range of transportation options. Closed to Ningxia Night Market, rear station commercial district, Zhongshan Square and Q Sqaure, one can experience the life of a modern Taipei resident, enjoying delicacies and shopping fun. The areas provided by Museum of Contemporary Art and Huashan 1914 Creative Park allow everyone to be immersed in the otherworldly artistic and cultural life. Thus, the dynamic life in Beimen provides the travelers the best option for accommodation!